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AquaSplint mini

Pack size:
1 Set, Product No.: 401-001-01
5 Sets, Product No.: 401-001-02 ( + 73,45 EUR )
19,50 EUR
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• AquaSplint mini is a water-filled self-adjusting bite splint
• Without any preparation or lab work, it can be used to immediately treat TMD syndrome and its typical symptoms such as jaw pain, migraines, cervical spine lesions, etc.
• AquaSplint mini is approx. 40% thinner than the already known classic AquaSplint, as it does not have any saddles or relining
• In contrast to Aqua Splint classic, AquaSplint mini has an integrated metal arch, whereby it can be individually customised
• Due to its low height, AquaSplint mini can also be used for TMD patients with an open bite/long face

Set: AquaSplint mini, storage box
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